Best 75-Inch TVs in 2024

Movie lovers and gamers alike benefit from the visual immersion of 75 to 77-inch screens displaying the latest 4K high dynamic range content. Even entry-level models push the boundaries of LED LCD contrast and quantum-dot color. Midrange mini-LED TVs raise brightness and dimming precision while self-illuminating OLEDs deliver reference-grade black levels. This buyer’s guide explores superb options for larger living spaces ripe for big screen upgrades.


Best Overall

TCL cements their value reputation by radically upgrading the 6-Series with quantum mini-LED zones that outclass more expensive rivals. This technology fusion pumps brightness over 1200 nits while partitioning the expansive screen into over a thousand dimming zones avoiding light leakage. Colors also pop thanks to quantum dots.


  • Up to 240 Contrast Control Zones minimize halos
  • Vibrant wide color from quantum dots
  • Dolby Vision IQ prevents overbright HDR
  • IMAX Enhanced mode for movies
  • Center-mounted stand streamlines soundbar pairing


  • Base model only offers paltry 64 dimming zones
  • Google TV smart platform pushes ads

By combining game-changing display tech under the 75-inch threshold, the TCL QM8 brings extraordinary contrast and color to real-world budgets.


Best Midrange

Seeking a mid-priced quantum-powered mini-LED marvel at 75 inches? The ambitious Hisense U8K buffs brightness past the 1000 nit mark while delivering up to 132 independent dimming zones keeping black levels inky. Exceptional sharpness and smooth motion handling check all the right boxes for sports and cinema.


  • Up to 1000 nits of searing luminance
  • 132 local dimming zones across expansive display
  • IMAX Enhanced mode optimizes films
  • Built-in Google TV offers smart features
  • Usually discounted below list price


  • Occasional backlight blooming issues
  • Lacks Dolby Vision HDR format

By juggling premium technologies at larger sizes, Hisense signals their burgeoning reputation for quality alongside affordability.


Best High-End OLED

Self-lit OLED screens achieve absolute blacks with infinite contrast and off-axis grayscale integrity LCD panels can’t match. LG’s 77-inch C3 series leverages the technology for superior realism along with gorgeous slimline aesthetics.


  • Pixel-level LED control enables flawless contrast
  • Dolby Vision IQ adapts to room brightness
  • Fast response for 120fps gaming
  • Integrated smart features like LG ThinQ AI
  • Unrivaled viewing angles without distortion


  • Lower peak brightness thanmini-LED
  • Higher price linked to flagship status

Discerning viewers shouldn’t settle for anything less than the artistic color palettes and true blacks provided by LG’s outstanding OLED C3 series.


Best Budget

Retail giant TCL complies impressive sales volumes by offering barebones yet capable 4-Series Roku televisions with built-in smart platforms. While image quality falls short of gaming or cinema demands, satisfyingly solid performance makes the pricing impossible to criticize.


  • Built-in Roku TV delivers loads of apps
  • Smooth motion handling
  • Includes 3 HDMI and single USB input
  • Extremely reasonable price point
  • Often discounted during seasonal sales


  • Lacks high dynamic range support
  • Maximum brightness lags midrange+ models
  • Chassis and stands feel somewhat cheap

When affordable ticket prices take priority for room-filling screen real estate – it becomes very hard to ignore TCL 4-Series Roku televisions.

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