The Best AirPods Pro Accessories to Enhance Your Listening in 2024

Apple’s AirPods Pro wireless earbuds have been among the most popular headphones on the market since their release in 2019. With excellent sound quality, effective active noise cancellation, and a comfortable design, the AirPods Pro allow you to immerse yourself in your music or podcasts no matter where you are.

However, even the superb AirPods Pro can benefit from some enhancements and protections to improve their functionality, fit, and longevity. That’s where AirPods Pro accessories enter the picture.

The right accessories can make your AirPods Pro experience even better. A good case will protect your earbuds from damage when not in use. Alternative eartips like memory foam tips can provide a more secure and comfortable fit for better noise isolation and audio quality. A variety of straps and clips allow you to keep your AirPods close at hand.

We’ve researched and tested the top accessories for Apple’s beloved earbuds to bring you the very best options to pair with your AirPods Pro. Whether you want the ultimate protection, an upgraded listening experience, or just need somewhere secure to stash your AirPods when not listening, these handy add-ons have got you covered.


Best Waterproof Case for AirPods Pro

Out of all the AirPods Pro case options on the market, the Catalyst Case stands above most competitors when it comes to protecting your earbuds from water damage. This durable hard shell case fully seals your AirPods Pro’s charging case, making it waterproof up to 4 meters deep.

That means splash proof, rain proof, sweat proof – pretty much whatever life might throw at you. As long as the case is properly sealed, your AirPods Pro buds stay safe and dry inside. The Catalyst case is rated IP68 for waterproofing.

A silicone gasket runs along the perimeter of the lid, keeping water out when closed tightly. The rugged polycarbonate plastic exterior helps defend against bumps, scratches, drops, and other impacts. Your AirPods Pro charging case fits neatly and securely inside.

The attachment point for the included carabiner strap gives you an easy way to clip this waterproof AirPods Pro accessory onto a backpack, belt loop, purse, or keys. A textured grip makes the case easy to hold onto. Rubber seals cover the Lightning and wireless charging contacts so you can still recharge your earbuds with no issues.

With its bright color options and bold ridged design, the Catalyst Case adds both protection and personality to differentiate your AirPods. When safety from water damage is your top concern, this accessory ensures your AirPods Pro keep working for years to come.

Key Features:

  • Rugged waterproof exterior rated IP68, seals AirPods Pro case
  • Withstands immersion in water up to 4 meters deep
  • Hard polycarbonate plastic protects against scratches, drops, bumps
  • Silicone gasket creates a tight waterproof barrier
  • Included carabiner for clipping onto bags, keys, belts
  • Textured grip makes case easy to hold
  • Allows charging and wireless charging to function
  • Fun colors like Atomic Blue, Cherry Red, Stealth Black


  • Fully waterproofs AirPods Pro charging case
  • Very protective hard shell
  • Convenient carabiner for transport
  • Enables all charging capabilities


  • Expensive compared to basic silicone skins
  • Bulkier than low profile cases

The Catalyst Case is one of the best investments you can make if safeguarding your AirPods Pro earbuds from water is a top priority. The peace of mind knowing your AirPods are sealed away, safe, and sound makes this case well worth its price.


Best Memory Foam Eartips for AirPods Pro

Comply has long been the premier name in memory foam eartips for earbuds and headphones. The company’s new TrueGrip Pro tips bring the Comply magic to AirPods Pro at last. If you’ve struggled to find the perfect fit with the silicone tips that ship with your AirPods Pro, these foam tips just may be the upgrade you need.

The Comply TrueGrip Pro foam eartips mold gently to match the contours of your ear canals. This custom fit creates a tighter seal for excellent passive noise isolation and bass response. The tips expand in your ear to lock securely into place rather than slipping loose. This extra grip keeps them firmly positioned during any activity.

With traditional silicone tips, you adjust sizing in set increments – small, medium, and large. Foam tips like these Comply accessories essentially give you a “custom” fit instead. The supple memory foam adapts its shape uniquely based on your ear anatomy.

That snug seal goes a long way towards enhancing sound quality and noise cancellation. By blocking out more external noise before it reaches the AirPods Pro microphones, the active noise cancelling function performs even better. Reviewers and customers note an obvious improvement in audio quality compared to the stock ear tips.

The grippy memory foam material also makes Comply’s TrueGrip Pro tips ideal for exercise and activity. Once expanded in your ears, they stay locked in place reliably no matter how much you move your head or body. For running, cycling, or just walking around town, these provide noticeable added stability.

They’re so comfortable and secure, you may even forget you have the Comply tips inserted. Yet they slide off the AirPods Pro earbuds easily when you do want to remove them.

Key Features:

  • Memory foam material molds gently to your exact ear shape
  • Tighter seal for better noise isolation and audio quality
  • Greater security and grip ideal for exercise and sports
  • More comfort than silicone due to custom fit
  • Easy to apply and remove


  • Better sound quality due to improved seal
  • Stays firmly in place during physical activities
  • More noise isolation improving ANC performance
  • Extremely comfortable custom fit


  • Rather expensive
  • Foam wears out over time

For the ultimate stability, sound quality, and noise isolation from your AirPods Pro, these Comply TrueGrip Pro eartips are your best bet. Slide them on and enjoy a listening experience that’s comfortable and immersive for hours on end.


Best Budget AirPods Pro Case

You don’t have to spend big bucks to properly protect your AirPods Pro earbuds. This Oulouqi case offers shock absorption and scratch resistance. Despite the low price, it does the basic job of shielding your AirPods Pro charging case from harm while out and about.

The Ouluoqi AirPods Pro case cover is crafted from flexible, durable TPU material. This rubbery thermoplastic polyurethane plastic has excellent impact resistance while retaining good flexibility.

The soft TPU construction cushions your earbuds’ charging case from bumps, drops, kicks, and other blunt forces. This helps prevent cracks that could allow dust or moisture inside.

It’s also thin enough that you can easily slip your AirPods’ charging case inside a bag or pocket with the Ouluoqi case attached. Just slide off the case when you need to open up and access your earbuds.

Cutouts give you access to the charging port and LED status indicator so you can charge your earbuds with no interference. You can even leave the case on while wirelessly charging your earbuds.

A removable lanyard lets you wear this case clipped to a backpack or belt loop for simple transport. Or use it as a pull-tab to easily remove the case from tight jean pockets or purses.

While it doesn’t have the hardcore protective specs of pricier options, the Ouluoqi case gets basic shielding against scratches, scrapes, and impacts done affordably. The smooth finish also resists fingerprints to keep it looking new.

Choose from colors like Red, Navy Blue, Pink, Grey or Purple to add customize your AirPods Pro on a budget.

Key Features:

  • Made from flexible yet protective TPU plastic
  • Cushions charging case against bumps and drops
  • Thin profile for pocketing earbuds easily
  • Access to charge port and LED indicator
  • Removable lanyard for transporting or pulling from pockets
  • Resists fingerprints and scratches


  • Very affordable price
  • Provides basic impact protection
  • Thin and light
  • Variety of color choices


  • Not as protective as rugged cases
  • Prone to ripping over time

When you want cheap yet decent protection for your AirPods Pro charging case, the Ouluoqi TPU cover fits the bill. Despite its bargain price, it still shields against routine bumps and scrapes during everyday use.


Best Quality Foam Tips for AirPods Pro and Pro 2

Apple’s AirPods Pro earbuds deliver an impressive combination of sound quality, noise cancellation, and intelligent integration with Apple devices. However, many users struggle to get a secure and comfortable fit with the included silicone eartips. This can negatively impact both audio fidelity and noise isolation.

Enter EarTune’s Fidelity UF-A Foam Tips – an aftermarket accessory made specifically for the AirPods Pro and AirPods Pro 2. These memory foam eartips mold to the unique contours of each person’s ear canals, creating a tighter seal and better grip than the one-size-fits-all silicone tips.

Custom Fit for Optimal Audio

The pliant foam material expands gently in your ear canal, matching its precise anatomy. This custom fit enables excellent passive noise isolation, strengthening the active noise cancellation function and blocking out external sounds before they even reach the tiny microphones.

With a tighter seal that fully envelops each AirPod Pro bud, the EarTune Fidelity tips greatly improve bass response and overall audio quality. The memory foam dampens reverberation as well for cleaner instrument separation and vocal clarity across all frequencies.

Whether you’re listening to booming hip hop tracks or quiet classical suites, you’ll hear details that get lost with stock silicone tips.

Enhanced Stability for Sports

That extra snug fit also translates into superior security during physical activities. A loose earbud seal tends to come loose fairly easily when the head is moving around vigorously. But the EarTune Fidelity foam tips expand to lock your AirPods Pro firmly inside your ear canals.

Once positioned properly, they’ll stay locked in place reliably no matter how much running, cycling, or gym exercising you do. The soft foam conforms gently without causing discomfort even during extended listening sessions. For sports, calls, or all-day music streaming, you can be confident these memory foam tips keep your AirPods Pro exactly where they belong.

Easy to Use and Maintain

Despite their tight sealing grip, the EarTune Fidelity tips slide on and off your AirPods effortlessly whenever needed. Just pinch the foam between your fingers to compress it before inserting or removing. Then let it fully re-expand inside your ears for that custom stability.

Over time, earwax and oil can degrade foam eartips so they lose their compression recovery. But these tips incorporate an anti-cerumen nano-coating to protect against buildup. With occasional cleaning, you can expect several months of superb performance before needing to replace them.

For this price for a set of three tips, EarTune’s Fidelity Foam Tips provide AirPods Pro users with better sound isolation, audio quality, and fit – everything needed to maximize these stellar earbuds. The custom molding enhances comfort while the tighter seal amplifies their impressive noise cancelling capabilities. Any AirPods Pro owner serious about audio performance should try these tips for an ear-opening upgrade.

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